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Available on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and iPhone
Find more live music through your friends.
Your friends' latest music
experiences and discoveries.
Connect with friends on Pepper and stay up to
date with their interests in live music and clubbing.
Find out what your friends are going to, the artists
they're following and what's happening at the
events they attend.
Discover your live
music scene.
Get to the heart of your music scene
and find the best events happening
around you.
See which artists are trending in the
UK right now based on what people
are searching for and interacting with
on Pepper.
Connect and share your
experiences from events.
Invite your friends to gigs and help each other
discover live music.
Connect Facebook and Twitter to share your
check ins, shouts, photos and favourites
instantly with your friends.
Follow artists and track
events you’re interested in.
Stay up to date with your favourite artists, follow
your local venues and always know about the
events that matter to you.
Add events to your calendar and setup reminders
for events you're planning to go to.
Coming soon...
The features we're currently working on for future updates.
Based on music library and Facebook likes.
Get notified about gigs and your friends.
Twitter feeds.
Artist tweets displayed within their profiles.