"a digital german band on a sound journey through a psychedelic tsunami."

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      neosignal is an electronic music project originated in Hamburg / Germany at the tail end of 2011. it started as a collaboration between Florian Harres, also known as phace, and Michael Bräuninger, also known as misanthrop. neosignal and neodigital are also their same named record labels. to fulfil their own perception of combining human soul and digital technology in sound and vision, the duo decided to choose the new alter ego neosignal for their joint music productions. against a more and more solely capitalistic and marketing driven trend of the main stream music industry they do not care about musical categorization or expectation but about progress and freedom. their music is imbued with deep cinematic themes, explosive energy, digital edge and yet human soul, and receives support by acts like Amon Tobin, Skrillex and Noisia (to do some of that magical name-dropping).